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Bence Conmmand win SCF Small Cell Awards 2019

Category 4 Software and Services – Management, automation and orchestration

Lead judge: Sue Rudd

Presented by Phil Kendall

The Winner is:

Bence Command, ip.access, Druid Software, CellAntenna Corporation, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service

for their entry:

Critical Communications via Portable LTE Small Cell Network that helps Emergency Services save lives and protect the environment

“This solution creates a complete integrated fully mobile small cell network that can be deployed instantaneously on-site, for Emergency Services with in-vehicle Command and Control Management that sets up a full-on site Operations  enter. The solution also supports live drones for overhead video views of the scene. Use is not limited to short term emergencies and the small network can continue to operate as a Remote Unit for long periods.”

CAT4 winners BenceComand Druid ipAccess CellAntenna TyneWear PK

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Partners:- Druid software see more

Bence Command shortlisted as SCF Small Cell Awards 2019 finalists.

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WH Bence are proud to unveil and announce that Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service are now part of the ever growing list of customers we now support within the Emergency Service sector for Incident Command.